drs. Ernst Jaarsma,

Ernst studied geophysics at Utrecht University. After finishing his Master thesis in 2003, he joined the Infra Sound research team at KNMI. In 2005 he entered the energy market. First as trading analyst and later on, specializing in wind energy and wind power contracts.

Ernst's main subjects at Nesto Consulting are:

  • Consultancy: wind calculations, energy market
  • Software development
  • WAsP and WindPRO models
  • Database development
  • Report writing
drs. Florian van Olden,

Florian van Olden started his carreer in mountain climbing. He led climbing teams through almost any route in the Alps. During these confrontations with nature he developed strong management and leadership skills. Also he developed the need to preserve nature and started working for Greenpeace. Later on Florian finished his studies in politics and decided to support nature in a more constructive way: developing sustainable energy. From this perspective he joined Nesto Consulting in 2013.

Florian's main subjects at Nesto Consulting are:

  • Consultancy: Environment and legislation
  • Contracts
  • Wind measurement campaigns
  • Marketing